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The E-2 Visa Process-Public School (EPIK/POE/MOE)

Note: The NOA (Notice of Appointment) may be issued by several government authorities including the English Program In Korea (Korean Education Ministry), the Provincial Office of Education, the Metropolitan Office of Education). Your Notice of Appointment will be issued by the authority that you applied with.

1) After receiving your Notice of Appointment and contracts, find out which Korean Consulate’s jurisdiction you fall under. Your application will be refused if you send it to the wrong consulate.
2) Contact the consulate to find out which documents you need in order to process your visa and the fees you need to pay.
3) Once you figure out the required documents, forward the items to the Korean consulate by mail or in person. Depending on the location, the Notice of Appointment and contract might have to be personally submitted by you - check with the office to find out whether or not your personal presence is required.
4) If you do not go in person, you need to include a prepaid self-addressed envelope so that the consulate can simply put your original passport in it and send it back to you. Please note that some Korean consulates only accept certain types of mail for your prepaid return envelope e.g. the Montreal Korean Consulate only accepts Canada Post Xpresspost. If you are mailing the application, give the Consulate a call to make sure that the package has been received.
5) After the Korean consulate processes your visa application, they will send your passport back to you with either a visa stamp or a sticker on one of your passport pages. You could also go in person to pick it up. It usually takes about 5-10 days.

Please do not underestimate the importance of seemingly small details. For example, at some consulates, the fees are only payable by either money order or certified check. Many Korean consulates accept only certain type of prepaid return envelops (i.e. Xpresspost, Fedex etc.).

Example of Typical required documents needed to apply for the E-2 Visa

1) Notice of Appointment you have received from EPIK
2) Contract that you have received from EPIK or POE
3) Passport - this time it is not a photocopy of your passport, but the real one
4) Completed visa application form - you can download the form from the consulates website
5) One or two official passport photos
6) Complete set of University transcripts (must be sealed)
7) Original university degree
8) Photocopy of criminal record check
9) $50-$75.00 - Cash, certified cheque or money order only. Personal cheques, VISA, Master Card or debit card are not accepted at the Toronto Korean Consulate office. USA: it is usually cheaper but please check with your closest Korean consulate.

Please be advised that the consulate/Embassy may ask you for a personal interview. That being said, most EPIK applicants are exempted while applicants for the private language institutions are sometimes required to have a personal interview at the Korean consulate. Also, if you are a citizen of Canada, USA, etc. but born in a different country, some consulates may ask for additional items such as your original citizenship card and proof of your education (from middle school through University).

A quick note about E-2 visa issuance numbers (visa certification number): the visa issuance number is only required for applicants that have applied to teach at a private language institution and is not needed for EPIK applicants (EPIK/public school job applicants only need the Notice of Appointment from the EPIK office or a Provincial Office of Education).

You can find links to the most of the Korean Embassies or Consulates below.

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