Step #1: Obtain the following required documents

1. Apostilled National Level Criminal Record Check (CRC) a.k.a. Police Certificate.

Please click here to find out more information about the CRC.
Please refer to our Apostille section of our website for more information
Please click here to see an image of the apostilled CRC

2. Apostilled Bachelor’s (B.A.) Degree

Please refer to our Apostille section of our website for more information

3. 2 sealed official transcript of BA degree

4. 4 Color Passport Photos (should be taken within six month)

Size of the photo should be (3.5 centimeter *4.5 centimeters). If size of a photo is close enough it should be fine (if it is a bit too big your school will cut it to fit).

5. Self health assessment form

Download E-2 Visa Applicant’s Health Statement

6. Signed Copy of Resume with Correct Address and Contact Info.

7. Three Ink-signed contracts (your signature must be on all three copies)

8. Two photo copies of the passport photo page (must be legible)

Photocopy the two pages containing your photo and your signature. They should fit on one photocopied page. (UK applicants, please copy the two pages, even though a signature is not contained)

Step #2: Mailing all the required documents to your school in Korea

Your employer in Korea will act as a sponsor for your visa and will submit the required documents to the Korean Immigration Office
Upon the receipt of your documents, it will take approximately 7 to 10 business days for a Visa Issuance Number to be issued by Korean Immigration.
When the Visa Issuance Number is available we will email you the number so that you may proceed to Step #3.

Step #3: Apply for the E-2 Visa

Once you receive the Visa Issuance Number, you need to submit the followings to the nearest Korean Consulate in person or by mail:
E-2 Visa Issuance Number
Completed Visa Application Form
Two Passport Size Photos
Photocopy of your passport information page AND your original valid passport
Visa Application Fee
As the required documents vary from consulate to consulate, and the types of documents you need for a visa keep changing, please check the website first and then call the Korean Consulate to confirm the required documents.
If you are mailing the visa application to Korean Consulate, you need to include a certified check or money order for the exact amount of the fee and a prepaid envelope with return address. Please note that the Korean Consulate will only accept certain types of prepaid return envelopes (i.e. Xpresspost for the Korean Consulate in Montreal). Therefore, please confirm this information with the Korean Consulate that you are under.
In general, it takes about a week for the Korean Consulate to process your visa.

Ethnic Koreans with citizenship in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom or the United States of America may apply for an F-4 Visa (instead of just an E-2 visa). The F-4 visa is for ethnic Koreans living overseas. This includes Korean nationals who have become citizens of a foreign country. Additionally, if your parents or grandparents once held Korean citizenship, but are now citizens of another country, you are still eligible for the F-4 visa. Overseas Adopted Koreans are also eligible for this type of visa. An F-4 visa provides much more employment flexibility than other visas as it essentially provides you the same opportunity as a Korean national. Below is how the F-4 visa process works.

The F-4 visa application requires a copy of family registrations (Hojukdeungbon) for one of your parent. This is available at the ‘Gu’ Office where he or she lived prior to leaving Korea. To apply for the copy of family registration, you need the following information:
Mother or father’s full name
Mother or father’s old social security number (Jumindeungrok bunho)
Mother or father’s old Korean address
Submit the copy of family registrations for your parent to the Korean Immigration Office along with the following documents:
A copy of your naturalization papers or foreign birth certificate
4 passport size photo
Current resume

There is a visa processing fee and it takes about a week to process. To find out exact amount and time it takes to process, please inquire with the Korean Immigration Office or visit their website:

The E-1 visa is for foreigners who are qualified by the Higher Education Act and will be giving lectures at an educational facility. In order to apply for this you must be one of the following:

A professor at an academic organization (such as a university)
A full time lecturer or professor hired by a university or college
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