Note: If you are applying for a public school job and you are still in school or have not yet received your degree, you can first submit the official Letter of Expected Graduation or Letter of Intent to Graduate (the actual names will vary from university to university). On the letter, the actual date that you will be receiving the degree needs to be clearly stated. You can then submit your Apostilled degree later.

Applicants for the private school MUST have graduated and received their final degree/diploma. Korean Immigration will NOT accept a Letter of Intent to Graduate or Letter of Expected Graduation.

For residents of the U.S.A

Steps for getting your University degree apostilled

1) Get a copy of your Bachelor’s degree notarized by a notary public or lawyer in the same state as the university.
2) Mail or bring the notarized copy (and additional documents) to the Secretary of State or other authorized GOVERNMENT departments (details about other departments please email at

IN-PERSON DROP OFF - this authentication can be done quickly in-person in most states. If you can't or don't live in a city where there is a Secretary of State, can you send your documents to a friend or family member to do it for you?
MAIL IN - in many states this can take 2 to 3 weeks to process applications by mail and they can rarely tell you when it's done or what status the authenticate is at. If you can, go to the Secretary of State in-person or send a friend or family member. If you mail in your application be sure to include a RETURN ENVELOPE with postage and address back to you.
FEE - there is usually a small fee for this authentication - each state is different and will be indicated by the Secretary of State (this ranges from free to $40 depending on the state) - usually they do not accept cash.
You will receive an Apostille certificate that accompanies your diploma.

Make sure the documents are apostilled! DO NOT just get documents authenticated by the State Department. The State Department also authenticates documents for domestic use (i.e. within the USA) and issues what is known as a Certificate of Authenticity etc. Apostilled means your documents are authenticated for international use. Rule of thumb, if you see the word “apostilled” on it, then it is apostilled. Otherwise, it is not.

The above method is the accepted and preferred method for getting your degree apostilled. However, if you are really pressed for time you might want to consider sending your degree to a private agency such as US Legalization for them to apostille it. We reiterate that this is a non-standard way of getting your degree apostilled. Before choosing this option, please contact I Love ESL Ltd. so that we can further discuss it with you. The quoted turnaround time for this option is about 1 business day. Please note that we are not affiliated in anyway with US Legalization. However, with regards to private agencies, we are only familiar with US Legalization’s policies. Feel free to contact other agencies at your own discretion.

Steps for getting your University degree apostilled by a private agency

1) Send your original degree to a private agency like US Legalization using a private mail service such as FedEx, UPS etc. If you are really short on time, consider sending it using a “Next day or Overnight service.” DO NOT send it using USPS!
2) Include a self-addressed, prepaid-return envelope (FedEx, UPS etc)

Note that you do not need to get your degree notarized before sending it to US Legalization. Once they receive your degree, US Legalization will act as your “notary public” and notarize your degree. They will contact your University to confirm that the degree is indeed authentic. Your degree will then be brought to the Department of State of Maryland for apostilling. Consequently, your apostille will be from the state of Maryland, and NOT the state from which your degree was originally issued (i.e. California, New York etc).

For residents of the UK

1) Get your bachelor’s degree notarized by a notary public or lawyer in the same state as the university.
2) Mail or bring the notarized copy (and additional documents) to an Apostille office in the UK to have it apostilled.
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