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Luke Allender teaching for public schools in Yeongcheon Korea -EPIK teacher
Luke Allender [lma916@                                      ...
Anne-teaching @ EPIK public schook in Gyeongju Korea-from Halifax, Canada
Anne                         Thu 01/11/2012 3:46 AM I was hired by EPIK. I was placed in Gyeongju, Gyeongbuksando province...
Emily from Canada -Teach English in Pohang City S. Korea
EmilyMarch 10, 200X John,I'm sorry I haven't kept in better touch. As you know, things get really busy really quickly over here. I do have to tell you, this is a great school, and I would highly recommend it to other teachers. I hear storie...
Jeff Mattingley from Canada- Teaching job in Seoul, Korea
 Jeff Mattingley Hey John, Just thought that I'd drop you a line and say that so far our trip to Korea had been wonderful. Our director/principle Julianne is fantastic and has taken care us extremely well. Our vice-principle is also fa...
Joel from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada- Teaching Job in Jeonju S. Korea
Joel from Thunder Bay OntarioJoel Pednaud <jpednaud@Friday, July 18, 200X 7:49 PM  Joel Pednaud <jpednaud@Wednesday, August 06, 200X 5:10 AM Hello John,I wish to thank you for getting back to me.  I am really enjoy...
Cory from USA - Teaching job in Pohang City S.Korea
Cory renauer from USA Saturday, June 14, 200X 2:21 AMI am having a great time at the school. I have talked to most of the teachers and they all agree that it is well run and treats the teachers well. I get the same feeling myself.The schedule ki...
Natasha from South Africa -Teach English in Seoul S. Korea
Natasha from South AfricaSunday, June 15, 200X 11:42 PM (Letter 1)Hi JohnI have been working at the school 4 weeks now and I am very happy. I find the school to treat me very kindly, my accommodation is clean, modern and really nice an...
Lara from University of Alberta in Canada - Teaching English in Daegu S. Korea
Lara B.Ed University of Alberta          Lara Rosiewich <lrosiewic@         Sunday, October 19, 200X 10:33 PM Dear John,All is well here ...
Josh Eddie from USA- Teaching English in Gunsan city S. Korea
 Josh Eddie <joshuapeddie    Tuesday, February 24, 200X 10:21 PM Hello again!I'm really happy with everything here, John.  Everything has gone better than I ever imagined it could.  Park Young mi has been ve...
Dan Genereaux from Ottawa Canada-Teaching English in Sanbon Korea
Dan from Ottawa Canada.     Dan Genereaux <DGENEREAUX (Letter 1)Hello John,I know that it has been a while since I contacted you, but I am still having a wonderful time in Korea.  I will be completing m...
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