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Luke Allender [lma916@                                           Thu 01/11/2012 8:01 PM

I was hired last year (2011) by EPIK to work at three schools in Yeongcheon which is located in the Gyeongsangbuk-do province.


I feel EPIK was a much better choice than a Hagwon. Many people I know worked at a Hagwon and left after one year to join EPIK because they disliked how little free time they had. EPIK is, mostly, a nine to five, five days a week job.


If you want to come to Korea and teach I would strongly recommend I Love ESL Ltd. They worked tirelessly to secure me a job in Korea, and it wasn’t rare to get a phone call Sunday night telling me I needed to submit something because EPIK had changed it’s dates (something that is very common in Korea. Everything will change at the last minute). I was living in England before I came to Korea and it wasn’t an issue in anyway dealing with I Love ESL Ltd.


I was very fortunate in the schools that I was placed in. I have one co-teacher in each school and they are all very friendly and helpful. In all honesty, my time teaching has been the best part of being in Korea. Even having seven classes dropped on me at the last minuet, with no time to prepare, wasn't a problem because the students are a lot of fun to teach. Living in Korea is something that I haven’t enjoyed. The collectiveness of the society is something that I have had a lot of trouble dealing with. If you like the things that are popular in Korea you’ll love your time here. If you want to do something that isn’t popular/mainstream to Korea you’ll have a very hard time finding it (unless you’re in Seoul).


I would strongly recommend doing a lot of research before coming to Korea.

Luke Allender

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