Subject Anne-teaching @ EPIK public schook in Gyeongju Korea-from Halifax, Canada
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Thu 01/11/2012 3:46 AM

I was hired by EPIK. I was placed in Gyeongju, Gyeongbuksando province. 

I was very fortunate to land an awesome job. My coteachers are all super kind and involved, regardless of their level of English. My students, aged mainly in grade 5 and 6 of elementary, are adorable. The minority of them are apathetic, but none are overly rowdy or malicious as I had feared as a non-real-teacher. I hope to find out my vacation days soon, which I think will be a major perk over Hagwans. 

I Love ESL Ltd. was extremely thorough in preparing me for my interview and various stage of EPIK application procedures. I was given all the tools needed to succeed and more. 

The main shock I had coming to Korea was how incredibly welcoming and kind the people were. Having never really known much about the country prior, I had no idea that a country famed for electronics and math skills would be such a loving people. Everyone is so nice to me, and it's a joy to see how much the students care about each other too. Here's a perfect example: last night was Halloween. Some of my students were out trick or treating and when they saw me walking they swarming me asking for candy. When I told them I had none, a few insisted I take some of theirs'!!

Here's some scenery shots. Hope they're useful? Also I don't know why this font is so tiny!

Thanks for all your help in the process of coming over here. Hope you've managed to catch up on some sleep finally!


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