Please email us your resume and photos to . When you send us an email please copy the questions below and put your answers under each question. We will contact you as soon as we can upon the receipt of your resume


1. Please read the note about the available start date and let us know your earliest Available Start Date

2. The type of job you are interested in (Public vs. Private). If necessary, please read the relevant information on our website. Please note: It is now much harder to secure a teaching position with public schools, especially for first time teachers as higher qualifications are now required. Additionally, you need to apply early enough to secure a EPIK job. You will also need to be flexible with regards to location because EPIK applicants are no longer able to choose which city they want to work in. To give you an idea of the type of requirements, many GEPIK schools tend to look for teachers already in Korea, with high qualifications, and available for an interview.

3. Your preferred location. Generally, we recommend that you be flexible with this. Please read the notice for preferred location before you answer this question.

4. Have you applied for your criminal record check and if you have, when? If you already have a CRC, has it been apostilled (Apostille is not applicable to Canadians. Instead, the CRC must be certified by the Korean consulate)? Please give us more detailed information so that we can advise you in the most accurate manner possible.

5. Has your diploma/degree been apostilled (certified by the Korean consulate for Canadians).

6. Skype
If you have a Skype ID, please also let us know or add to your list. If possible, we prefer to contact you over Skype and vice versa. First, Skype is a free service so it will not cost you any money. But the more salient reason is that if you are applying for a public school job EPIK/GEPIK/POE schools will require a video interview be conducted over Skype. Following the lead of the public schools, private schools are also increasingly requiring teachers to have an interview done through Skype. Having the equipment already set up and the familiarity with the software beforehand will enable you to focus only on the interview. Once you have added us to your Skype friends list, feel free to contact us at any time. Also, please let us know the best time that we can get a hold of you, preferably through Skype but by phone if Skype is not possible. We are located in Toronto, Canada (EST) as well as South Korea (KST). We look forward to working with you and to successfully securing you the best possible teaching placement.


You will find that it is very common to be asked to send your picture when you are applying for an English teaching job in Korea. Since both your employer and I Love ESL Ltd. are not able to have a face-to-face interview with you, your application forms, picture and the phone interviews are only tools we have to assess whether you are the right candidate or not.

The photo that you are providing either the Korean employer or the Provincial Offices of Education should be recent and look professional. We advise you to submit a photo similar to a passport photo when the initial application package is submitted electronically for the purposes of the interview. If you do not have time to take one, at least a shoulder and head shot is recommended. You must be fully aware that your photos are very important to employers in Korea as these are the first impression they will get of you. Photos should represent how you would look if you were actually going in for a job interview. Please email us as many photos as possible so that we can pick the best 3-4 to be forwarded to the employers. You can email a combination of both professional looking photos and casual photos. Don’t forget to smile!

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