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My name is DAVID JACKMAN. I am very pleased to join the I Love ESL Ltd. team as they were the people who recruited my wife and me to teach in Korea. Because we had a great experience, I am very keen to spread the message about these wonderful opportunities.

My background was as a secondary school teacher of English in both New Zealand and Australia. I later held school leadership roles in Victoria in Australia. The recruitment of staff was a key part of my role as a principal. It was also a feature of my subsequent role as a Regional Human Resources manager for the Victorian Department of Education.

My last teaching position was in South Korea at a high school. I want to paint a picture for you about working there as a teacher. The students were wonderful because they wanted to learn, they were friendly and they enjoyed their classes. I ate in the canteen at lunchtime with the staff and students. After eating I talked with students in the grounds or in my staffroom where some students would seek me out to talk about things, perhaps just to practise their English. In addition I helped to prepare students for public speaking contests where they achieved some success.

I also attended university classes to learn some basic Korean to help me to get around and to understand the culture. We made some great friends with whom we mixed socially. There were also weekends when we went away to walk up mountains or to look at monasteries or to go to concerts- both Western and Korean. When there were no classes some teachers worked in an English camp to give the students a boost to their English. I had the opportunity to work with Korean teachers of English on ideas for teaching. And when we wanted a complete break we headed to Seoul the super city - a place with many things to see and do where you can get around on the most user-friendly subway system I have experienced and where everything is signed and announced in Korean and English. In our own vacations we were able to travel by ferry to Japan in 3 hours. Others went west to China.

Korea has many opportunities and I will be very pleased to use my professional skills personal experience to help others who are interested in checking out working in this historic country for themselves. We can help you with all aspects of taking up teaching positions in South Korea. I look forward to hearing from you.

I hold a BA in History and English, an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and a Diploma of Teaching.

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