Paid Vacation:
As an EPIK teacher, you have regular working hours and are not contractually obligated to work during evenings or weekends. All EPIK teachers are employed by Korean Government and can thus take all national holidays off in addition to 18 workdays paid vacation time (longer vacation in some areas). Also because EPIK teachers are working in the public school system, they can sometimes enjoy additional paid time-off when schools are closed.

Job Security:
As a Korean government employee, your job is secured with EPIK. You will never be released from your contract for budget or institutional problems nor for preferential reasons. Most importantly, you are always paid in full and on time, unlike some private institutions.

More Prestige:
EPIK, being only national English teaching program sponsored by the Korean Government, can carry more weight on your resume. Your teaching experience in EPIK also has more prestige and can bring widespread recognition in a local community or even in a province. EPIK can provide you a great launching point for an English (ESL/EFL) teaching career.

More Flexibility:
EPIK positions offer a lot of flexibility in your teaching. Most EPIK teachers have autonomy over what they teach and do not have to adhere to rigid rules or pre-designed textbooks. EPIK teachers usually have little administration work and are not pressured by having to meet academic objectives, but can focus more on helping students build confidence and have fun in the classroom.

A Greater Impact:
In EPIK, you will have the opportunity to network with high-ranking education officials and administrators who can improve the way English is taught in the public schools of Korea. Simply by sharing the different ways in which you learned English, you can give them valuable input and ideas which can affect change on an official level. You will also have the opportunity to teach public school teachers, who will then go on to teach English to their students. In other words, you can potentially reach a lot of people and have much greater impact than with other teaching jobs in Korea. In some areas of Korea, young students have still never met the people outside Korea and will be fascinated by everything you do and say. You can break false conceptions and open the world to them as a true cultural bridge.

More Opportunities to Experience Korea:
Finally, during the EPIK orientation, you can form a network with all of the EPIK teachers who will go on to work in various areas of the country. As a result, you will have more opportunities to travel around the country and meet with friends who can give you firsthand accounts of the diversity among Korea’s regions. You may travel regional locations where tradition still thrives and you will be immersed in the sights and sounds that define Korea.

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