The contract period will be 1 year (52 weeks).

The foregoing contract period may be renewed by the mutual written agreement of the host POE and the Guest English Teacher (GET).

As early termination of the contract will cause inconvenience to the host POEs, all GETs are expected to fulfill the contract term.

The GETs shall work eight hours per day, five days per week excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Korean national holidays (about 14 days). Total instructional hours will not exceed 22 hours per week.

Korean Co-Teacher
There will be a Korean co-teacher in each school that hires a GET. The Korean co-teacher is responsible for consulting, directing and cooperating concerning class works and the life in/around the school/home for the GET. The primary role of the Korean co-teacher is to plan and proceed English classes with the GET. In addition, the Korean co-teacher participates in preparing school event, carrying out the administrative job which is related to co-workers or students, and consulting the GET in difficulties.

Class Works
In principle, the GET should teach students in collaboration with the Korean co-teacher. The GET will be informed about assigned classroom, teaching materials and teaching methods from the Korean co-teacher when he or she starts teaching at the designated school. All issues related to class work is always needed to be consulted with the Korean co-teacher.

Class Hours
Each class basically, meets for 40 minutes for elementary school, 45 minutes for middle school and 50 minutes for high school. But it can be changed according to season, weather, or individual environment of each school. Some schools have special classes after regular class work, in which GETs are required to teach specified subjects or fields.

The Number of Students
Every year before the school starts, the number of students per each class is decided by superintendent of each Provincial Office of Education. The number is usually 35 or more, though there is no national unified regulation. The class size will depend on the location of a school such as urban area or local town. So the number of students ranges from 10 to over 40.

Korean public schools have summer and winter vacations. The summer vacation begins at the end of July and finishes at the end of August lasting for about one month. The winter vacation begins at the end of December and finishes at the end of January or early February. The starting date or the ending date can be different by each school. During the vacations, GETs may be required to teach some programs such as an English camp.

Administrative Office
The administrative office at each school provides the administrative services for the GET after the placement. The office arranges housing for the GET before he or she is appointed. The Administrative office is in charge of handling contract, paying salary, insurance, tax and etc. for the GET.

Below is a general guideline of your duties as an EPIK teacher. Detailed duties will be announced at the time of your local placement. The duties are carried out under the guidance of the host Provincial Office of Education (POE).

Conduct English conversation classes for Korean teachers and students
Prepare teaching materials for English language education
Assist in developing teaching materials for English language education
Assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities
Assist Korean teachers with their English classes and/or jointly conduct English classes
Perform other duties as specified by the host POE
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