1) Apply to I Love ESL
Send your resume and recent photo to I Love ESL.

2) Assessment
I Love ESL will contact you to discuss and determine your availability, preferred location and preferred class setting.

3) Search and Match
The detailed information on schools that match your requirements will be forwarded to you.
Upon your agreement, your information will be forwarded to the Hagwon.
We will email the contract to you so that you can examine it.

4) Interview with Hagwon
A person from the Hagwon (director or head teacher) will conduct an interview with you over the phone.
If you pass the interview and if both parties agree we can move on to the next stage.

5) Visa Process
Your employer will file and submit your documents to Korean Immigration to sponsor your visa and will forward you your Visa Confirmation Number
You will get your Visa issued through the Korean Consulate.
Please go to the Visa process information section for more information.

6) Arrive in Korea
Book your flight and arrive in Korea.

Hagwon Contract  

NOTE: Above contract is a sample and they are only provided for your information.

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