Do you want the experience of a lifetime? Teaching English in Korea can offer you the perfect opportunity to travel abroad and explore a new culture. A Bachelor's Degree in any discipline is all you need to teach English in Korea. If you have ever thought about teaching English in Korea and want a challenging but fascinating cultural experience, you have made the right choice by visiting us. We can help you find the best teaching opportunities throughout Korea. Explore the unique experience now!
Teaching English in Korea is a great way for you to expand your horizons, experience a new culture and see the world. Whether you are young and inexperienced or a veteran teacher, teaching English in Korea will be an experience of a lifetime. Working hand-in-hand with you, I Love ESL Ltd. will help you land a great teaching position that’s just right for you. With over 14 years of experience supplying teachers to both the public school (EPIK and other Provincial Offices of Education)and private school,
we know the ESL landscape like the back of our hand. Contact us now so that we can get you started on your journey of a lifetime!
Korea has the best ESL teaching job packages in the world. With a relatively low cost of living as well as free housing and free roundtrip airfare, Korea certainly offers the most lucrative English teaching job opportunities. If you need to save money, pay off your student loans or start a teaching career, Korea is the right place for you. More than 20,000 graduates are recruited to teach English in Korea every year. The friendly and hospitable nature of Koreans, the over 5,000 years of history,
the festivals, juxtaposition between advanced infrastructure and ancient architecture, and beautiful national parks will leave you with memories that will last forever!
Established in 1998 by a Korean-Canadian, I Love ESL will share our extensive knowledge of Korean life and culture, as well as give expert advice to find the right teaching job for you. Most of our staff have taught English in Korea and with our offices located in Canada and Korea we have access to the largest network of employers throughout Korea. This enables us to deal only with reputable institutions. Our clients range from Public Schools, International Schools and Christian Schools to Private Institutions. We are committed to doing our best to ensure that you get the teaching
placement that is right for you. Our responsibilities do not end when you enter Korea. We will provide you with on-going support throughout your stay in Korea!

Private institutions hire English teachers throughout the year for teaching jobs in all the Metropolitan cities in South Korea. The best private schools, however, will typically hire teachers up to 3 months in advance. Public schools typically hire twice a year (March and September) and we recommend that you submit your application to us 7-8 months in advance (of March or September) in order to have sufficient time to gather all the required documents. The most desirable teaching positions fill quickly so applying earlier will give you an advantage compared to other applicants.
The Provincial Offices of Education that were unable to find suitable candidates by the EPIK deadlines will continue to accept applications after the deadlines. So apply with us now!
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